In order to help you nurture your own feeling of inner peace and wellness, this site contains a free mindfulness blog and several instructional videossharing ways of learning how to manage your anxious thoughts and feelings.


If you would like to fast track your journey to a calm and peaceful life however, a one to one session may be what you need. Either join me here in Worthing, or we can talk via Zoom. 

With one to one coaching we can;

  • Ground you into the present moment

  • Calm your busy thinking

  • Let go of anything blocking your natural feeling of peace

  • Enhance your feeling of self acceptance

Jason Rhodes - The Wellness Coach smiling to camera surrounded by nature

FREE - 15 minute discovery call.

£30 - per one hour online session.

£40 - per one hour face to face session in Worthing (BN11). 

Concessions are available upon request​.

In order to book - please send a brief message using the form below. Introduce yourself and share a little about what you would like help with.


Rosalind Richardson

"After working with Jason for the last six weeks - I feel as though I have turned a corner very quickly. I now know how to keep myself calm and present during a panic attack. I finally feel as though my life can be so much brighter, literally just because of these few sessions I have had with him ".


"Jason is caring, knowledgeable & empathetic. He has helped me unravel my own past to understand it better, find closure, and be able to then use tools to help me going forward. Since meeting Jason I have completely changed as a person. I now have a healthy relationship with food, alcohol and stopped smoking. All the things I used to harm my body. My relationships with family are much better as I am at peace with peoples behaviours and he has given me the tools to be able to calm me during an anxious episode. Even though it is an ongoing process, I still know I can come to him whenever I need to.

I would highly recommend Jason".

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