For me, anxiety began unexpectedly during a family holiday. At the age of twenty-five. Being in a strange place sent me into an extreme fight or flight reaction. This resulted in me projectile vomiting across the dinner table in a restaurant. I was mortified. At the time I didn't know what had happened, and from that moment on, the experience of anxiety slowly began to affect all areas of my life. I found that my world gradually grew smaller and smaller out of fear.

Jason Rhodes the life coach in nature smilling

Over the space of the next several years I explored many different areas such as CBT, hypnotherapy, meditation, NLP, spiritual teachers, self help books, and online videos. Each different area gave me a separate piece to the much larger puzzle. Eventually I attended my first mindfulness class, and this is where all of the individual pieces finally came together.


Over the next several months I learnt how to take a step back from my thoughts and feelings and become the observer. I discovered what meditation was really about, and how to do it more effectively. Through this practice, I learnt how to redirect my attention away from my thoughts and back to the present moment, whenever I was beginning to feel anxious.

I now know that, with patience and practice, anyone can live a more peaceful and settled life.   


After realising just how much mindfulness changed my own life, I knew I needed to share the practice with others. I could see that teaching children how to manage their worrying thoughts and feelings at a young age, would build a strong foundation and help them to avoid anxious episodes as an adult. This idea resulted in my best selling children's picture book, IMAGINE EATING LEMONS.


Since its publication, Imagine Eating Lemons has gone on to help thousands of children learn about their anxious thoughts and feelings, and has even been read by royalty. 

Children's picture book, chester chestnut eating a giant lemon learning about anxiety and mindfulness
Montage of children reading imagine eating lemons, learning about anxious thoughts and feelings
The Dutchess of York holding a copy of imagine Eating Lemons to camera in her garden smiling
A page from Imagine Eating Lemons. Children's picture book. Illustration. Mental health. Anxiety. Anger. Sadness. Worry.