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Confidence in relationships
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Just like many, many other people, my life was once filled with stress, worry, fear and anxiety. I would regularly experience irritability, sleeplessness, lack of self worth, disconnection, and at its worst - even physical sickness. It would often feel as though something terrible was about to happen, yet I had no idea what it was. It felt as though my world was gradually growing smaller and smaller due to this uncontrollable feeling of fear and anxiety. Learn more

Does this sound familiar?


After discovering several life changing tools such as mindfulness, questioning my beliefs, and deep breathing - I'm happy to say that I now live anxiety free. This is where I can help you. After gaining a clear roadmap of how anxiety actually works by going deep inside myself, I can now pinpoint the hidden reasons for other people's anxieties. Although our reasons for feeling anxious may be different, the process of how the feeling is created, is actually the same. I can then share a few simple yet powerful tools that will help to calm your thoughts and bring your attention back to the feeling of peace whenever needed. Go to videos

lady with arms outstretched and back to you feeling anxiety free


Some forms of heavily emotional talk therapy can last many years, costing you thousands of pounds - wellness coaching, on the other hand, is less about delving into the past, and more about strengthening your current feeling of peace. We can then simultaneously look at ways of forming new habitual patterns, that help you to become the best version of yourself

Make that first tiny step toward an anxiety free life by booking a free fifteen minute discovery call, or alternatively, email me directly and share what you are struggling with. I hold face to face sessions in the centre of Worthing, and also work online via Zoom if you are not local.


Rosalind Richardson

"After working with Jason for the last six weeks - I feel as though I have turned a corner very quickly. I now know how to keep myself calm and present during a panic attack. I finally feel as though my life can be so much brighter, literally just because of these few sessions I have had with him ".

Effie Summer

"Jason is filled with compassion, knowledge and understanding. He explains everything in a way that’s easy to understand and engage with. For me, personally, it was the first time a professional has been able to help me see light at the end of the tunnel. I would thoroughly recommend working with him."


"Jason has the ability to make you feel safe, understood and work through a range of issues and questions you may have. His approach has always been perfectly measured, asking the right questions and offering different perspectives to overcome anxiety, confusion, and leave you feeling mentally empowered. Jason also provides tools and methods for addressing wellness which can be practically applied, gained from his breadth of experience and knowledge in this arena. Thank you, Jason - I would highly recommend anyone to talk with him!"

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